So Convuluted

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I have a horrible time rating books poorly. I didn't really feel I had much choice in this one though. The premise of this book is fascinating. I wanted to know what happened to the switch and why it was there and why everyone was so invested in keeping it locked away. What I got fell disappointingly short. I did like the characters and their back story was very intriguing, what little the author gave anyway. I kept being optimistic more of these stories would be told and some of the abstract things that were referenced would be explained. I left the book feeling kinda dumb and like I had missed something. The writing style reminds me a lot of a mix of prose and poetry which gave the book a strange rhythm. I really wanted to like this book, but I just felt very confused all the way through. Even after some time to reflect on the book, I don't really know what the story was or the point was of it.