Certainly a unique story!

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I'm leaning more towards a 3.5 star for this, but I like to round up when half stars aren't available. This book, it's bizarre. And I think perhaps too smart for me? That said, I liked the story, even though I don't think I fully understood it?

Truda's family is going through a lot, and also, time has stopped. But like, people still age and seasons change and junk so I guess it hasn't *totally* stopped, just numerically stopped? But strange things have been happening around the world, let's suffice it to say.

The big thing here is Truda being able to figure out who she is, and her family at large trying to heal and bring themselves back together. And look, I have NO idea what is going on inside their house but... something is? It all went way over my head, and no matter how much I tried, I couldn't even picture what was supposed to be happening, but I guess the bottom line was that Truda's dad kept building boxes around a switch... for Reasons™.

This book was entertaining and quick, and I really liked the characters and rooted for their family, no question. I just wish I was able to wrap my head around it a bit more, especially in regard to both the time stoppage and the house situation.