Interesting premise, but not my style

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Switch has an incredibly interesting premise - time is paused on June 23, 2020. After a while, the world's population has adapted to a new Solution Time, which measures time as if it had not paused. This is an obvious metaphor for coronavirus, but is an interesting way to frame it.

The writing, however, was not to my liking. The author uses frequent slashes and fragmented sentences, so it's not always clear what's happening or why. It also reads as more stoccato, which is not in keeping with the vibe of the story about paused time. Tru is an interesting character, but it's difficult to discern what her motivations are when she repeatedly refers to herself as a "rocket" or her brother as a "rifle."

The jacket cover was interesting and reflects a world turned upside. Overall, an interesting story but not for me.