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Sweet Sorrow is one of those reads that reminds us of our time I’m high school. This story takes us through Charlie Lewis teenage years as well as now as an adult. Charlie’s was one of the ones that believed he was invisible in school. No one really knew him and he skated by on his grades. His home life was in shambles and had very few friends. That is until he met Fran. Who brings him out his shell.

I adored Charlie and Fran so much and enjoyed the sharp contrast between them. He is so shy where as she is anything but shy. Their friendship turned first love was sweet and full of funny puns and lots of time spent together working together on the Romeo and Juliet play. That alone made me love this story even more. Now as an adult Charlie spins looking back at this those years and how it shaped who he is today. The story cover so many things like parental divorces, mental health issues, friendship and first loves. It was handled very well too. I laughed and feared up a few times too and it brought up my own memories of my teenage years.

Sweet Sorrow was such an enjoyable read for me and I’ll be on the lookout for more from this author in the future.