Shakespeare meets YA

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This book was different, that's for sure. It's not often you come across a YA book that is written by a male, told in a male perspective, and also is based around Shakespeare. David Nicholls, the author, is British, so that part makes sense, but this was an interesting twist.
The book follows a 16 year old boy, Charlie, who immediately falls in love with Fran. In order to "woo" her, he joins the play Romeo and Juliet (no he's not actually Romeo). He's inexperienced and relies on Fran to help him out. Being in theater is outside Charlie's realm of comfort, so this is a big step for him.
Personally, I despised reading Shakespeare in school, so that part of this book was a big miss for me. I enjoy a cute romance, and it had that, but the amount of Shakespeare references was too much. Overall, this book has a cute premise, but nothing really new or earth shattering.