I didn't read it

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So sorry! I was not able to read this book. I started and stopped it several times, so then I passed it on to a friend who I thought might be a better fit for it and it took her several months to slog through. I thought it would be a faster read than that, but it was definitely more character-focused than plot-focused. In the end, my friend finished it and returned it to me and then I put it in a Little Free Library for someone else to discover. I'm certain this is a perfect book for someone out there, but it wasn't me and I hope the copy I received finds its way into the heart of the right reader(s).

I think if I had made a better connection with the characters (and not felt like the storyline moved too slowly), I would have kept reading. It was just a combination of those things that turned me off.

I do want to read another one of this author's books, though!