What is the perfect way to deal with your anger or heartbreak? Cook!

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Who thought to name a cookbook Sweet Revenge? It is such a clever name, is innovative and it kinda makes you want to start cooking right away. The way it it introduces you to the tools you will need in a totally different way, like a blow torch? A butcher knife? I mean if you think about it, it could also serve to cause bodily harm to somebody so it just makes me laugh at the double meaning of them. Also all the graphics and how colorful everything is just makes you want to start cooking right away. Then you have the names of the recipes, they are so clever! With this cookbook who would want to actually seek revenge when you can have sweet treats that you can make yourself and while doing so you will be able to cut, burn, and destroy as many things as you want without ending up in prison. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and a hunger for revenge!