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Revenge in the kitchen

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This is a really clever idea for a cookbook. Let's make indulgent food to express our emotions and eat our feelings away. The recipes and layout are just plain fun. It's bright and bold with the ingredients, which leaves a lasting impression.

Beyond that, I am not sure who would buy this book. How would I come across this book on my own? I think it would make a fun gift for a young friend going through heartache or a transition, but I discovered this book only through bookishfirst. I would never think to look at cookbooks when shopping for a "pick me up" gift for someone.

I must also admit that although the recipes are darling in the layout, I have not yet made anything from this book in my kitchen. I flagged a few cookie recipes when I was browsing the book, but nothing stood out enough for me to gather the ingredients and bake. I don't know where this unique cookbook falls in with my other recipes.