Never Have I Ever Seen Anything Like This

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Let's get this straight now, IT'S A COOKBOOK, but it's also one of the best cookbooks I have ever laid my eyes on. I love the images throughout the book, be that drawn or actual pictures, they're all great. I'm by no means a baker (I can cook like your old-fashioned southern mama from the '50s, but following a chemistry outline isn't in my nature), but Heather Kim breaks it down into "-ish-" and "big ol' bowl terms". As I turned through the recipes, I found myself giggling incessantly over the little blurbs about the different desserts. I'm so excited to try out the, 'I Couldn't Carrot All Cake,' because Carrot Cake is my hands down favorite, but she's thrown in a whole new element of Cool Ranch Doritos Sugar. Judge me all you want, but it's in the cookbook, and you best believe I'm making them first.