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I can't love this cook book enough!

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I received a copy of this book from BookishFirst, and I squealed as soon as I opened the mailer. The book is absolutely gorgeous, from the cover, to the good photography, to the photographs, and random doodles inside.

I absolutely love the irony throughout the recipes. While you're provided with a great book filled with delicious recipes, you can laugh along with the snark provided alongside. Definitely my type of book. But honestly? These recipes are too tasty to share with anyone I was to get revenge on... I'll be keeping those to myself.

I think what drew my to this book most was the unusual style of combining recipes with art AND commentary. Often we see books that are filled with photographs of food, along side a long narrative piece about why this recipe is *soooo* good, but this book takes the seriousness out of it all & provides plenty of laughs alonside the baking experience.

Revenge is definitely *NOT* best served cold. Hahaha. (Oh I couldn't wait to say that.) This is definitely a 5/5 star book. And seriously, what a great "cheer-up" present this could be for newly-single friends!