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Let me just lead this off with saying I am a HORRID chef / baker. I typically despise cooking, avoid it as much as I can, and do the bare minimum. BUT I was intrigued by this book, and I am SO glad I chose to read it.

The cover.... Is AMAZING. The color scheme and photos caught my eye immediately. The title is an eye-catcher as well. So basically everything about the front of the book was beautiful.

This is basically the perfect book for ANYONE that has been wronged. Best friend got dumped? Get her a copy of this book. Need a girl's night in? Bring this book! Seriously, just get a copy for all your girl friends, your mom, your aunt - you get the idea, right?

The book had a dual purpose - self-help/advice and recipes. I enjoyed the self-help aspect of the book a bit more, but I did try a few of the easier recipes and even someone as horrible as I am with cooking could pull it off!!!!!