Mind Bending!

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This book is a completely mind-bending experience! I am not generally a fan of science fiction, but this book had me completely immersed. It feels as though you are watching a documentary about the lives of the children who were born of the ashes of the Earth as it was known prior to the supernova. But to call it a documentary implies a sort of boredom. I cannot adequately express how wholly captivating this novel is. Liu Cixin's descriptions of scientific events are vivid, thorough, and easily understood by the reader. The characters may not appear to have depth (a side effect of the documentary-esque writing) but they are so engaging and intelligent and interesting that their depth is unimportant to the story.

Beginning with the immediate aftermath of the supernova, and swiftly moving through the selection process for the world's future child leaders, and ultimately bringing us to the childrens' management of what they have inherited, this novel will leave you breathless.