Excellent muse on space, science, and sociology!

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First, thanks so much to Bookish First and Tor Books for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review!

Supernova Era was originally published in 2003 in Chinese, and is now being translated into English! Let me tell you that it is super obvious how much Cixin Liu loves space and technology, or at least writing about it. His descriptions are long, thoughtful, and sometimes intense!

Essentially a supernova blast occurs and the radiation is enough to eventually kill off the entire population of Earth......except kids aged 13 and under can heal their chromosomes. How do you hand a whole planet off to kids? How does their society develop? Are they playing war games or trying to claim a continent? Plus, holy cripe, think of all the fallout once the adults die and things start fluctuating!

Liu does a totally brilliant job with these questions and more in this novel. Parts have long, drawn out explanations of sciencey things, but his writing is phenominal and this seems like a great translation. The only thing that threw me off was the epilogue, what the cripe was that? Were they on the moon? Who was writing? It put the whole book into a weird frame... But I'm going to just forget I read it!

The majority of Supernova Era happens in the present tense, although there are some notes where it mentions future historians, and the epilogue confirmed that the book was a bit of a historical document, assumingly accurate but again I found the epilogue so confusing.

I do totally recommend the book for all sci fi fans, it releases on 10/22!