The Best So Far.

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Liu Cixin has of course already developed quite the loyal following, but he's likely to win over still more with SUPERNOVA ERA, a book which evokes comparison to science fiction titans like ENDERS GAME and THE FIFTH SEASON. Like Card, Liu brings us a generation of brilliant child leaders, and shows us their selection and training. Like Jemisin, Liu shows the social ramifications of planetwide cataclysm and the cooperative frameworks that will enable humanity's survival in the aftermath. Unlike both Card and Jemisin, however, Liu shows us a world in which people do indeed go gently into that good night, and where no one charismatic individual lights the way. Time passes swiftly, and Liu adopts a reasoned, descriptive voice that lays out the scenic as well as the dynamic in a way that immersed me far more than I have been immersed in his previous works, excellent and thought-provoking as they have been. This is a book that sticks with me, that does the hard work of summoning or evoking feelings about both our existential place in the universe, and our responsibilities in paving a collective road to the future.