Humanity's darkest hour...its future in the hands of children!

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This first glimpse into Cixin Liu’s newest novel Supernova Era was absolutely fantastic! I was immediately pulled into this story and completely captivated by the unfolding events as the author described the Dead Star and its journey through space and time. The introductory statement- “In those days the earth was a planet in space.” sent chills down my spine as the author set the stage for this amazing, emotionally charged, and spectacularly imaginative science fiction journey.

I totally enjoyed the author’s descriptive, often poetic, writing style. His many philosophical statements and ideas were very thought provoking and brilliant. The characters in this story were all really well developed and the plot was extremely well thought out and detailed. I appreciated how the author not only told the story but also incorporated the science behind the Dead Star, historical events, interviews, communications and witness statements to take the reader on a unique journey to the Supernova Era.

I especially appreciated how the author started the story with Ms. Zheng and her forty three students as they experienced the Dead Star and then continued to follow them through the selection process to their final jobs and responsibilities. Her continued contact, support and encouragement was a great testament to her commitment to her students and also gave the reader greater insight into the character’s progress and development.

I truly enjoyed reading this first glimpse of Supernova Era. I was so thoroughly pulled into this story and so emotionally invested in the outcome that it was very difficult to let go when this sneak peek ended. The feelings and emotions it stirred up in me stayed with me for days. I look forward to reading the rest of this story. I can’t wait to see how the children manage their new responsibilities and how the rest of the world handled their selection process. This book is definitely a must read!

The cover of this book definitely caught my attention and is perfect for a science fiction novel. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to read this sneak peek of Supernova Era.