You Had me at Asian plus music!

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David Yoon is kind of THE cool author I imagine in my head since I read Frankly in Love last year and when I heard that his sophomore novel is set to be published soon, I desperately searched for ways to get an advanced copy of this book.

I've always loved books with music. I enjoy reading books that incorporate songs and/or songwriting within the storyline. I think highly of an author when they do that so with that, Super Fake Love Song is a sure must-read for me.

But the thing that completely sold this book to me is the Asian representation and though I am not an own voices reviewer for SFLS in the first place, I still love to read stories with perspective of characters from my neighboring countries.

Overall, I don't want to sound overjoyed but it will make this dragging year for me if I ever get my hands on a copy of this book soon. Fake dating tropes for the win!!