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Super Fun Not Fake Read

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Sunny Dae has a problem. Within minutes of meeting Cirrus Soh, daughter of his parents' old friends, he fell in deep like, and then pretended to be just like his much cooler, rock star older brother, Gray. Sunny then convinces his best buddies, Milo and Jamal, to be in a fake band with him, and said much cooler older brother agrees to coach them into becoming somewhat of a real band.

Good news - the plan works! Cirrus seems to be falling for the new Sunny, and Sunny is making new friends at school. Bad news - Milo and especially Jamal are annoyed with Sunny, and Sunny is starting to feel guilty about lying to Cirrus.

This book was super fun. The characters are engaging and entertaining. There's more than meets the eye to Gray as well. I did wonder about the parents - both Sunny's and Cirrus's parents seem to kind of ignore their kids, letting them do whatever they like. This would make a very cute movie! And for those who have read Frankly in Love, this book is equally as entertaining without the jerky character of Frank Li.