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I think this was an adorable book. I really liked it. It drew me in a lot. I was constantly wondering if something bad was going to happen. I would be scared that there would be a downhill between the characters in the book. Whether or not there are ups and downs in the book is not for me to say and spoil, but I can definitely assure you that this is an amazing read. I say read this if you are bored, looking for something to read for fun, or anything. It is the perfect book, because you can read it in any setting. I think the characters are incredibly cute with eachother. You are constantly scared about Cirrus finding out, and their relationship crashing down into a billion pieces. I did feel a bit guilty because I wanted Cirrus to know that he was lying so that they could have a cute relationship without lies, but like you also see it from Sunny's perspective, and don't want anything bad to happen. I totally say that you should read this!