Just Like a Movie

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This book is so well written, it feels like you're watching a movie instead of reading. The high school scenario is cheesy and trope but what's great about this book is it acknowledges the stereotypes in a way saying, "yes, this is like every movie about high school you've ever seen...until it's not!" Our protaganists are nerds but what's cool about them is they have a really cool hobby which gives them depth and makes them feel like real people instead of "losers." Of course, the jocks calls them losers but in actuality they're just a group of normal guys who are kind of endearing.

The writing is also injected with a great young humor that the author captures really well. Terms like "spaghetti streets" and referring to a character's "glowstick green" shirt make this read really fun, like our protagonist has such a positive outlook on life we can't help but cheer him on. Definitely a fun, exciting, read and I can't wait to see what happens next!