I Expected Something Else

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*Firstly I would like to thank Bookish First, David Yoon and the publishers for offering advanced copies of Super Fake Love Song. I received a copy of this book for my honest review.*

Getting to the nitty gritty, this book is acceptable for a YA. I enjoyed Mr. Yoon's first novel, Frankly In Love. So, naturally, when I saw that he was publishing another novel, I had to jump on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, I ended up DNF'ing this title.

Sunny and Co. seem like your average cringy teens with trauma and potential. They also come off as 2D and, to put it kindly, jerks- Mostly toward the people that can help them; Their coach, for example. I know because I used to hang out with people like this. Hell, I was one of them.

The story had a lot of potential. It's downfall was it's over-achieving characters and lack of focus- the transitions felt off.

Despite all that, what I did read was enjoyable. I like Mr. Yoon's narrative style and the focus not only being on the romantic relationship. I actually found Sunny's relationship with his bully to be one of the more interesting aspects. And if anything, my little sister really loved it.