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this book was really a wild roller coaster, it made me stress out to much but I absolutely loved it! Its your typical cliche romance story tho. But it had its own little twist to it which I loved! I loved the fact that the female lead was the badass tho! Thats something you don't really see in romance books, I loved this one it was such a good book! If you haven't read it read it! The one thing I didn't like was how stressful the story was, I was so stressed but towards the end it all came together and I'm glad it ended that way, I recommend you read this book! Its really good and has such a good plot, its really well written and unique. I cried once while reading this book which really shocked me because I rarely cry when reading romance books! I didnt cry because it was sad but because it was sooooo good! The author is such a genius and this book was beautiful!