An Over Used Trope With A Twist

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To be honest not my type of book. To many over used tropes. Boys a geek, falls in love with someone. Tries to hide it from girl and turns into someone he is not. But even with that being said there were many things that I enjoyed and that made even this not very unique theme take a different turn.

The first chapter I didn’t like so much but as the story continued, we got to see different avenues of his life. Not just the nerd he was at school or with his friends or how he loved video games and costumes but also the more sophisticated background. The version his parents wanted him to be as they were leading rules in a company going to country clubs and meeting with important clients. I enjoyed seeing how this kid who wanted nothing to do with his parent’s life had to deal with being forced to.

The pacing was pretty good. Each sentence moved the story along adding to our knowledge of what was happening, and how Sunny thought. So, we have a pretty good idea of who Sunny is even within this short time. He has quit the personality and doesn’t take stuff from kids at his school or the teachers who make fun of him. Even though he does hide stuff because he knows he would get made fun of he does have the voice to speak up. The way he talks is very unique and gives thing as they are, and he doesn’t try to hide his annoyance at things. If hates something or hates you, you’ll know.

As for the cover it isn’t my favorite, to be honest it’s pretty low on the list. For me it has to much going on. But for this type of book about nerds in bands it does fit the story.