Such a sunny look at life

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What a beautiful cover!! This is a sequel, which I did not have the privilege to read the first. I will definitely read it now! This brings light to the surface, such peaceful and serene moments. "Sun Memos was made for lovers of light for people like you"!!
Life is stressful most of the time in the teaching profession, so I flew through this one just to find some motivation. He captured my life in this poem well:
Just breathe:
one of the most
challenging phrases
in the human language
to truly
There are too many good ones to mention and not enough space to type it out.
Ziggy, you are amazing to present such a bright outlook to others searching for the light. Keep shining and spreading your enthusiasm.
Thank you NetGalley, Bookish First and Lightening Source, for this copy, as well as Ziggy who touched me with some peaceful moments.