Rough start, but good mystery!

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This locked room mystery is certainly entertaining with quite the twists and turns. This definitely has a Clue/One of Us is Lying feel to it which I’m definitely here for. To celebrate the end of high school, Kassidy throws a party for her best friend (and main character) Izzy at the location of their favorite 1920’s murder mystery movie. To make it as real as possible, Kassidy has spared no expense to make every detail perfect. When I say spared no expense I really mean it from the costumes and diamonds to the staff. So who brings a knife to the celebration and why is Kassidy’s boyfriend found murdered? The beginning of the story is tedious and I would account it mostly to the descriptions of how much money was spent. I got the point pretty early on that most of the kids from school, except Izzy, are super rich. The plot does start to pick up after the first quarter so stick around! The duel POV switching between past and present is very well done and also a great help to unveiling the mystery. The writing is very engaging and intriguing and it was a lot of fun to read and follow along with the characters. Izzy as a character in a mystery was too quick to make guessing and assumptions with new pieces of evidence. It got frustrating at times and made me not care for her too much as a character. The ending was good and I was intrigued by the story so I would say is a good YA read. I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.