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I love a good mystery/thriller! They break up my fantasy streaks and give me that shock factor I enjoy when the culprit comes to light. The blurb for this one sounded intriguing since it involved a manor with a 1920’s theme party. My kind of vibes! Unfortunately, I found myself not interested in the plot or the characters.

The book is told from different timelines but they all stem around Izzy Morales and her family. She is a gifted student who had an opportunity to go to a good school because of her mom who was a teacher there. This is the case for some kids in the real world and was definitely a good parallel. I liked that Izzy cared for her sister so much and would do anything to help her. Sisterly bonds are very important to me. I have probably said that a lot in other reviews, ha. It is obviously still true. For someone that would be considered smart she didn’t always think through the choices she made leading up to the trip to the manor and while there.

I wouldn’t say the characters had a lot of depth and this does tend to happen with mysteries. The book usually centers around the plot. That is fine because sometimes the plot carries the book but it didn’t for me here and so I was just missing a connection from both. The pacing was rather slow and I didn’t see myself caring for the plot until it got closer to the big reveal. Although, I felt like the ending was a bit anticlimactic and open-ended which is literally the worst combo for me!

Overall, this was just okay. I don’t have much to say about it since I didn’t connect with it.