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Tbh, this book really was difficult to rate. So i am going to say what i disliked first then what I liked about it. What i disliked about suddenly a murder was that i can't lie i was pretty disappointed when it cam to the characters because they were so lame and the romance was AWFUL like i didn't feel anything it was so pathetic. The plot twist in the end was really good but unfortunately it doesn't make up for the rest of the story i see the idea behind this but it just wasn't executed properly i'm sorry it wasn't as thrilling as i would've liked it to be. What I did like about itwas that thought the twists were well done even if they weren't so twisty I didn't have a good idea what was coming. Izzy and her best friend Kassidy have always loved old movies. As a graduation present and a final hurrah Kassidy rents out a house about to become a museum that was featured in one of their favorite movies for a 1920's themed week long party with her best friend Izzy, her boyfriend Blaine and several of their friends. Overall the book was good but not that good