It was great!

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The book was not what I expected. It seemed so silly at the beginning, and while they were all children, it was thoughtful too. I truly thought Izzy had betrayed her best friend, and I’m glad she didn’t. Too often in books do we see characters betraying their best friends. The one downside was that the story often felt like it was telling, not showing. Most of the development was from eavesdropped police interviews, and it didn’t help develop the characters. Many of the side characters felt like they were there to add drama and murder suspects. The house and the movie also weren’t used to their full potential, but I liked how the tone of the book resembled those if Golden Age detective stories. I wasn’t completely surprised by the murderer, but I liked how she did I it out of love for her friend. Yes, it was horrible, but it wasn’t out of jealousy. Overall, a rather compelling story.