A Classic Locked Room Mystery for the YA Crowd

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I am a huge fan of mysteries and especially classic locked room mysteries like this one. Immediately I was drawn in by the premise and Izzy as a character. This felt so much like and Agatha Christie mystery updated for our times. I liked the touch of the phones being taken away to preserve period accuracy. Even if it was a tad far fetched, these mysteries are often exaggerated so I have come to expect that in these kinds of stories. At times the solving of the murder felt a little dragged out, maybe if it had occurred in a shorter span of time? Otherwise I absolutely loved reading this and would definitely read more of this author's books in the future if she publishes more mysteries like this one. This is definitely a book for fans of Knives Out like the back of the book recommends. Anyone who is an avid mystery reader that enjoys YA stories and stakes will definitely enjoy this book.