Starts slow, but I'm glad I stuck with it

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Reading this book is kind of like driving along and hitting every red light and wondering why you didn’t just take the freeway instead. So many sections feel so stop and go…did it have to be this way??

I had a really hard time for two-thirds, but I tore through it after that. I don’t know exactly what it was - it’s not like any of the chapters are short on action - but I didn’t connect with Zephyr or really understand her until that point.

As much as the style drove me nuts, there’s also lots of small things to love. Opening character art? Yes please. Loyal sword sisters? Dueling emotions through music? Author’s note explaining the adaptations from the original Three Kingdoms tales? Great stuff.

Not certain if I'll go for the sequel. But hey, if the cover's as pretty as this one, I probably will.

**Thanks to BookishFirst for the book for review**