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The story is set in the Xin Dynasty where the realm is torn into three areas and three rulers. Zephyr is a war strategist under Xin Ren and is sent undercover to another area to convince the wardlordess to side with them and fight against the other. She is labeled as a traitor so all believe it’s true.

It sounds fabulous, right? Let’s just say that I came for the traitor/undercover story and it turned into something completely different. While that was still the main theme, the story took such a turn about halfway in that I most gave up. It was outlandish and I couldn’t wrap my mind around it so I quickly lost interest.

At that point, the feel of the story changed so much that the traitor theme was downplayed. Can you hear me harumph? I was unimpressed. I expected a fast-paced Chinese historical fiction and what I got was a outlandish story. Yes, a lot of fantasy is outlandish but this one didn’t jive.

“Honor is defending what you can’t bear to lose,” I say, meeting Cicada’s gaze. “It’s fighting for a family that can’t help you.”

There were moments I was interested in the story, but overall I was unimpressed. I did enjoy Crow, on the opposing side, but I did not feel the connection he supposedly had with Zephyr. He was mysterious and endearing and I would’ve loved more of a background on him.