Joan's best imo

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This is my third time reading a Joan He book and I guess I'll be bold and say that this is her best work (so far!)

First thing, I love how the storyline revolved on a history of war and how it affects the past, the present, and the future.

There are a lot of themes explored in this one and my favorite is the discussion about the rise and fall of fortune.

Of course, Zephyr's life as someone who begin as a nobody up until they become their empire's best strategist is notable. I love rooting for characters with humble beginnings.

I am sure that I'm not the only one with questions even after finishing the last page but I guess that's a sign that I need to reread this book.

The twist? Oh my god! Another unprecedented turn that shocked me while reading.

Also, don't sleep on the character illustrations included in the book because they are all immaculate.

Overall, I recommend this book and I'm planning to reread it soon.