A Story Of Loyalty and Love

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This book was almost a five star read for me. Joan He has crafted a world that is completely engrossing and characters that I feel as much loyalty as Zephyr does (Cloud and Tourmaline especially as they would do so much for Ren). I cannot wait for book two to learn more about Crow and his crafty ways and see all the strategists of all sides come together in a massive war.
I never thought that reading from a strategist’s POV could be interesting, especially since the strategist is navigating multiple wars with multiple people. But He managed to keep me fascinated from beginning to end.
The only thing was I felt like the story moved too fast in places. So many characters and places were introduced, and Zephyr seemed launched from one place to the next without any breathers. I just wish we would’ve been able to explore and learn more about each place she went to and how they differed. It felt like as a strategist she would’ve observed these things, yet she didn’t (yet I also understand the book couldn’t be too long…I just wouldn’t have complained if it was because He is a great writer!). I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel to find out what happens next!