Spiritual Journey

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I am truly appreciating this book at the time I'm reading it. If I initially read this when it was first sent to me, I would have jut quickly skimmed it and gave a bogus unemotional review that its a good self help book.

This is more of a spiritual healing journey. I am 20 pages in and already feel myself opening up to healing my inner child. I appreciate the way the author wrote this book and encourage you to go at your own pace and skip chapters.

I got as far as the intro before I realized I wanted to try this way of healing. I found a notebook and whenever the author pose a question, I actually take the time to digest it...acknowledge my feelings and honestly answer them. Putting on a mask only burrows your feelings and I'm ready to release years of hurt and untrust.

So far I am really enjoying this piece and am excited for my new spiritual healing process.