Become More Focused!

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Stop Missing Your Life by Cory Muscara is a books that can be enjoyed by people in all sorts of circumstances. For me, I think it has been helping me to regain focus. The techniques in the book can potentially help others with more difficult situations.

It is a book that encourages meditation. While the book does run a little into the ooooo mystical territory, it does have some practical tips that could be used by anyone, even if you're not interested in going down that path. Like I mentioned, I think the techniques here can help people with focus. But this book also addresses people with issues from their past holding them back.

The book slightly touches on people with phone addictions. If that is something you have difficulty with, then this book might be able to help, but that's not the primary focus of this book.

With all that is going on in the world today, I think if you're having trouble dealing with everything, this book might be able to help bring a little peace and give perspective.

Overall, this book was written in a conversational style that was easy and interesting to read. Whether you really get into this book or just casually use the techniques in this book to bring some improvement to your life, at least the book is interesting to read.