Thank you bookish first for the free ARC Copy!!

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Thank you to Librarything and to the Author for this FREE ARC COPY and all the goodies that came with it.

This one was tricky for me to read on so many levels that i will list below.

The Character's were interesting tho i wish the Main Character hadnt been dragged out so much and hadnt waited so long to confront her husband.

The Setting was my favorite part it was so beautifully described that it made me feel like i was actually in Albany NY and Rhode Island while reading cause it was so easy to picture those places in my head.

Overall a good first book for this author BUT if feel like she should work on Character Building and Storyline Building cause it did lack some in those areas of this book.

Can't wait to read The Inn in Rhode Island next year when it comes out!! This book left me intrigued/wanting to know more about the authors and their lives since this book was written.