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I did not finish this one, sadly. The writing was not for me. It was way too detailed and a bit cringy for my taste. I felt that there were no smooth transitions between scene changes and I found myself confused about where particular scenes were going due to the abrupt changes. I loved the premise of this book, especially with the mental health aspect and the expectation that the reader would follow the main character through her journey of reflection and fighting through the struggle of her husband's infidelity. Unfortunately, I couldn't get past the writing. It just was not my style. I don't want to say this book is bad, it's not, it just didn't work for me. I would recommend that anyone give it a try, as it may be something that works for you! I did enjoy the cover, it's beautiful, and the author took the time to send a postcard thanking me for reading and requesting a review to support her, which I will gladly do. Thank you BookishFirst for the opportunity to read this book, I just wish it was more my style!