Mixed Feelings

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Stilly Crazy tells the story of Julie. Julie and Dan have been married for years and have what most would consider a faitrytale romance that anyone would be envious of. Problem is, Julie is convinced Dan is cheating on her and has been for quite some time. Still Crazy tells Julie's story of dealing with this betrayal and coping with her feelings and ultimately how she chose to live her life after this.

I felt like the books charactes were very relatable. I think most of us can understand Julie's heartbreak and struggle to decide what she wants to do. I think to a certain extent many of us can understand her anger and sadness with God about "letting" this happen to her. The religious overtones in this book are very subtle, but there which I think is appropriate given the content.

Overall, I felt like the story was very good, but underdeveloped. There were plot holes and I struggled to figure out if this was a book about a woman's exploration of her new life after betrayal or...something else. There were large jumps in time throughout the book that were confusing (i.e., one page would be Valentine's day and literally the next page would be 4th of July). These leaps were present in many parts of the book and made it a bit hard to track at times. I think with a bit of restructuring and fleshing out of certain parts (especially the end with Dan and..you know...others *wink*).