It was worth reading, but just ok.

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When I first saw the title and read a bit of this book I was intrigued and excited to see what the book was about. When I got an ARC copy of the book I dove right in. At first it was interesting to me, but a little further into it I started to lose interest as much. I feel like the story is there, but it still needed a little fine tuning to turn it into something that would be really great. Julie's story will resonate with some. Julie goes on a familiar journey where she is so in love with her husband, but when he becomes unfaithful it tarnishes that love and trust. The story then turns to a story of resilience and finding the strength within herself and within her faith to be able to build a new life for herself. The emotion that this story portrays brings the reader into her story and allows us to feel for her as well as for our past heartache and learn to heal.