I'm Torn, I liked it but...

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This was an interesting read for me mainly as it is not a genre of story I would ever read but there was something in the sneak peek that caught me so I thought I'd give it a go. Overall this is not a bad book, it has some strong writing, you do feel like you are right there with Julie on her journey, there is a good beginning of a story line but to me it needs more. I felt like I was reading about someone's everyday life and not really getting a story or anything out of it. I think it needs more development.
Now I can identify with the main character strongly as I have been through what she did. I can totally understand and sympathize with the mental destruction a woman goes through with a subject such as adultery. But to me, the story really didn't tell me anything, like a light bulb moment or a lesson learnt, it was like I was tagging along for a bit with Julie. Maybe that was the point? But I can see where readers would be put off a bit by that. Some of the story is choppy and jumps from one scene to the next, some scenes are more like fillers and really dont have a point. The ending was totally disappointing for me. I was happy to see Julie fly off on her own, the part about her Inn was uplifting and you finally cheer for her but then to end the story like that (although I get it) was a let down.
I think everyone will feel a bit differently on this book. You do need to read it for yourself. It did hold my attention, some sweet moments in there, and if nothing else a bit of an escape to beautiful Rhode Island.
I received an ARC in exchange for my review.