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I just finished STILL CRAZY by Judy Prescott Marshall. I loved the beginning of the book. Julie Holliday has been married for thirty years to Dan in what seems to be a perfect marriage. She has a successful bakery and Dan has a successful business. So much talk about the perfect marriage and then we find out (according to Julie) that Dan has had affairs with eight women. As a reader, I thought there would be a confrontation or is she just imagining that Dan has cheated. After the first few chapters, I started losing interest. There were too many early morning walks with Dan....The bakery was interesting and we are told over and over how Lynnae, master baker, has been like a daughter to both she and Dan. We are also to,d Julie has anxiety. I think Part 1 should be the book. Develop the bakery scenes and show if Dan really is having the affairs or have a confrontation. Then make Part 2 the sequel. It just does not make sense to me that Julie sells the bakery and leaves with a note to Dan and starts a new life.