A heartfelt and emotional read

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(Judy, my apologies for posting your book so late due to life issues, when I've read it on and off. Thanks for the read.)

In Judy Prescott Marshall's Still Crazy, this novel tells the tale of Julie Holiday's journey from self-love, forgiveness, betrayal, and healing hearts. It all started when Julie discovered a mysterious note that's been addressed to her husband of 30 years, Dan. That's when she suspected and believes he might be cheating on her again. It wasn't the first time, but it might not be the last time. Though everyone who knew him said she was crazy and wrong about Dan, but she had heard it all before. So she ought out to discover if she was right with help from her business partner and friend Lynnae, a single mother of two young boys. Until she had proof, she confronted him and denied him about it. She had enough and decided to give Dan his freedom when she sold her bakery and departed New York to go to Port Judith, Rhode Island. In the second half, she had gotten a fresh start by developing an inn and making her own from an old farmhouse. During the past year, she watched it unfold until it was up and ready for business with staff who she considered family and a new set of friends. Over the past year, she ran the operations and became a success until a suave man named Chad Claremont was besotted with her as a residential guest. But it became a bit too complicated to her since she couldn't let herself fall in love with him since she still had hard feelings for Dan and never stopped loving him. The moment of truth came for her when Dan sought her out in Rhode Island and confessed his sins and how he wanted her back in her life even if it was at the inn in New York. It was up to Julie to forgive him and let him back in her heart and move on without him.