The YA queen is back

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Marie Lu is the queen of YA multi-genre and this is the hill that I'm willing to die on.

If you're not familiar, I am up-to-date with Marie Lu's works since I discovered her in college through Legend, her debut, and I can confidently say that over the years, Marie did not lose her spark in captivating the reader in YA spaces.

With Stars and Smoke, Marie Lu gives us something new but also familiar material in the sense that Winter and Sydney reminds me of June and Day from the Legend trilogy. There's this pang of nostalgia that I associate with Winter and Sydney as I read them in the copy I received from BookishFirst.

I enjoyed the angst, the banter, the thrill, the angle of romance, and the speckle of politics that mirrored our reality.

I'm excited for more about Winter and Sydney in the next books in this series.

Also, can we talk about the cover? That's one hell of an ethereal cover and the main reason why I have duplicate copies of this book.