One Direction Secret Agents

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I was shocked when I saw the low rating on Goodreads. I was overly cautious, but it was such a fun read! An undercover popstar saving the world one snake ring at a time!⁣ This is such a good book y’all.

Winter and Sydney were perfect. I loved their banter and how they really got to see each other in a light no one else did. I enjoyed their dynamic and watching them fall into their mission. ⁣

I definitely figured out the bad guy as soon as possible, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable to watch the reveal. ⁣

The audio was so dang good y’all. Becca Q. Co made this a must read on audio. The logs from the agents were perfectly read on audio and had me cackling. I highly recommend audio if you’re going to check out Stars & Smoke.⁣

A smash to me. I’m surprised it’s rated so low. This was such a fun time and I can’t wait to see what these two get into next. Give me the next one now