This is the book I needed growing up!

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Opening up this book, I was instantly in love. Ellie was me growing up. The way she thinks, the things she says, who she is- I literally see and hear my younger self. Even some of the people in her life were players in my own. Especially her mom. Having grown up with the mother who thinks constantly mentioning your weight will motivate you into dieting and becoming “skinny”, I wanted to reach out and tell Ellie how beautiful she is just the way she is. I also had my own Catalina, and I completely love how real Ellie and Catalina’s relationship growth is. This book is a fantastic read for younger readers and adult readers alike. I love that it’s written in verse, and reads like stream of consciousness. It’s a book I can see myself reading over and over, sharing with friends and family members. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter for parents and teachers. I can see this on the shelves of 10 year olds to my own shelf (an almost 30 year old mom), and I can’t wait to read more from Lisa Fipps!