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I think this book is a good book to teach people that you should not be ashamed of your weight. This book is about embracing and loving yourself no matter how you look or how much you weigh.Ellie stands up to the bullies that are body-shaming her. Ellie follows the "fat girl rules", like avoiding eating in public and to not move to fast as her body might jiggle. When Ellie is in her safe space in th pool, she feels comforatble with herself and says she can spread out like a starfish. That allows Ellie to get away from her mom who uses body-shaming her to get her to eat healthy and maintain a better diet. But there are people in Ellie's life who help her get through this and loves her for who she is.Ellie learns to love herself the way she is and that is a very important message to teach young teens who are insecure about their physical features. Overall, this was a great read and I definietly recommend it.