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I was hooked from the very first sentence. The story flows perfectly with not a single boring or hard to get through spot. I couldn't put it down! I read it in one sitting! It was a really great story with some good morals in it. Some of these include, body positivity, anti-bullying, standing up for yourself, confidence, and self esteem or self worth. I learned a lot from this book and I know that everyone who reads it will also learn a lot. "Starfish" inspired me to work on my own self esteem and view of my importance. I struggle with body positivity and this book perfectly outlined it. I would love to see what other amazing and inspiring stories this author has to create! This is a good book to read for those who have low self esteem or struggle with bullying. However, I would also be good for people who don't struggle with these so they can see it from another point of view.