Exquisite novel in verse

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This is one of the most heartfelt and inspiring middle grade books I have read in the past year. And the novel in verse format makes it very accessible for young readers, many of whom are still recovering from lost stamina during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Ellie's struggle with self-image and acceptance is palpable, but even more heartbreaking is that she has very few allies, even in her own family. Truly, she has one of the "worst" moms in middle grade book history. But her dad, therapist, and a new best friend love and support her and help her find the courage to be her true self and stand up for herself. I say "help" because she does the bulk of this hard work on her own. And as she does this, the reader begins to understand that "found family" is a true and necessary thing for many people who do not find love and acceptance from some (or all) members of their biological family.
A "stellar" book that every middle grader should read.