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Starfish had me feeling every emotion possible. A beautiful book about a beautiful young woman, who is made to feel less than beautiful by those around her. This book reminds us of how cruel kids can be, but what was truly horrifying was the way Ellie's own mother and siblings treated her. The saving grace was her dad and close friend's who love Ellie for being herself.

There is so much greatness in this book. For me, it started with the cover. The illustration of Ellie "starfishing" in her pool invited the reader to dive into the story. Also it wasn't until the end that I noticed Ellie's pup was on the back cover. How cute!!

The story itself is written using free verse poetry. This makes the reading easy and to the point, without a lot of filler. The poems flow nicely. I wish more stories were written on this style, as it is very friendly to read.

I highly recommend this book and would share it with anyone aged 10 and up. It offers strength and compassion. The way Ellie stands up to her bullies is admirable. Everyone can learn a few lessons from this story.