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What is beauty? Why did you define beauty in the way that you did? How does our culture and upbringing shape our perceptions of both our own and others beauty? Do sticks and stones break our bones and do words really not hurt us?

I loved Starfish, this book made me cry, but it gave me hope. The story is about our main character, Ellie growing up while navigating her self worth, claiming her right to exist in the world as she is, and standing up for herself. Body issues are such a hard and traumatic topic for so many of us, and this story addresses those issues in an honest way, no shying from the hardships that are dealt with by those who are much too young to worry about them. I think this story being told in verse was a wonderful idea as it brought the story of Ellie to life in a unique way and the story made more of an impact- I think this story is something a lot of kids out there will read and feel seen by.