A journey

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To start off I first got very invested in reading the book, not just because of how beautiful the cover was, but because of how inspiring the plot seemed. I love reading kid books, because of how refreshing they are to read. Starfish was many thing, but not disappointing. I laughed, cried, and gripped the book as hard as I can. Reading Ellie's journey of self-acceptance and bully confrontation is truly inspiring, and heart-breaking. The idea of being bullied is truly horrible. As a person who has suffered bullying when younger, this story really made me sad for the main character. And the fact that the bullies were not just the school peers, but also her mom, sister, and brother; really hurt. I felt every emotion possible through Ellie's lenses. And seeing her overcome all those negative thoughts, all the comments, and people who just made her feel bad for her weight; was so rewarding. Seeing her open up was very touching and beautiful. I would 100% recommend this book for kids. It really shows how much thought one has to put to our words, and actions!